Consults & Classes are Designed to Help You:

Mission Statement:

To create weight loss and nutritional wellness programs focused on positive health outcomes. 

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At DietNotes 101

You'll learn

  • Lose Weight

  • Eliminate Cravings 

  • Bring Your Body Into Nutritional Balance

  • Increase Your Energy and Stamina 

  • Fine Tune Your Immune System 

Transform Your Life

  • Let go of the guilt and anxiety that comes with making food choices in a society hyper-focused on food.

  • Learn how your body is designed to lose fat.

Tweak and Eat

  • Some people need a higher amount of protein while others need more carbs.

  • Conversion rates of vitamins to the active state differ between people. You may need to have more of the active state in your body (i.e.more vitamin A rather than beta-carotene). 

  • Learn how your body works best. 

Create Balance

  • Eating health tastes great and balances brain chemistry 

  • Eating is not about perfectionism. It's about listening to your intuition and respecting your unique biochemistry and genetic make-up. Food is meant to be enjoyed!