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What is Person Centered Nutrition?
The Difference that Makes a Difference

A person centered nutritional approach takes into account:

  • Your current state of health
  • Blood chemistry and bio-markers
  • Sub-clinical imbalances
  • Genetic strengths and weaknesses
  • Lifestyle

and through the process:

  • identifies and strengthens core imbalances
  • educates on the the 1+1 = 2 of nutrient dependent biochemical pathways and the foods/nutrients required for those pathways to work properly
  • creates an inspired action plan that is in alignment with the unique needs of the individual

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Experience and Expertise

It takes time to develop an expertise. In the field of nutrition, it involves a disciplined study of the subject matter, continued learning, and working with many individuals with different health concerns and life experiences.

With experience comes the ability to

  • re-frame the situation in a way that helps focus on solutions that may otherwise be overlooked
  • identify the ripple effect that emerges from seemingly small changes and at the same time allows the mind and body to re-align
  • understand the inter-relationships between body systems, biochemical pathways, food & targeted nutrients; and use this knowledge to bring culinary solutions to the plate

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