Transform Your Life

​Learning about your genetic blueprint helps you to let go of the blame and shame of  not being able to lose weight and keep it off.

Tweak and Eat

Some people need a higher amount of protein to lose weight, while others need more carbs. Learn to work with your genes, not against them.

Cutting-Edge Science

Genetic blueprinting is cutting edge science that provides a framework for providing individualized nutritional guidance.

Genetic Test 101

Learn how your body best utilizes carbs, fats and protein.



Tune into the nutritional messaging that is meant for you.

Take the Guess Work Out of Losing Weight & Eating

Nutrition Consult

Assessment of nutritional factors that lead to inflammation and poor health.

The Starting Point for Learning about How Food and Nutrition connect to You

In beta testing phase, please email if you are interested in any services.

Introductory Special $349



The difference that makes a difference: Experience and Expertise

To become an expert in the field of nutrition, it takes a disciplined study of the subject matter, continued learning, and working with a diversity of individuals with different health concerns and life experience.

All services are provided by individuals credentialed by the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics.